Employment Law

We Vigorously Defend Worker Rights
Mallison & Martinez is a Class Action and Employment law firm that litigates on behalf of employees. We represent clients on a contingent fee basis so that employees and consumers can afford the best representation available without worries about costs.

Wage and Hour Class Action experience includes:
Litigation against janitorial companies, restaurants, construction companies, landscape companies, large growers, manufacturers and auto dealerships, to name a few. Mallison & Martinez also litigates sexual harassment, race and age discrimination, as well as wrongful termination cases.

Wage & Hour

– overtime
– meal periods
– rest breaks
– Wrongful Termination



– sexual harassment
– racial harassment
– religious harassment
– sexual orientation harassment
– disability harassment
– age harassment

Whistle Blowing

Employment Agreements

– hiring
– severance
– independent contractor
– proprietary information
– non-competition

Employee Privacy


– sex discrimination
– race discrimination
– age discrimination
– religious discrimination
– disability discrimination
– sexual orientation discrimination
– pregnancy discrimination
– transgender discrimination
– military leave

Federal and State

Medical and Family Leave

Reduction in Force

General Advice and Consultation

Consumer Protection


Breach of Contract

Breach of Fiduciary Duty