The Law Offices of Mallison & Martinez was founded in February 2005 with the goal of bringing the highest level of lawyering possible to workers.  Our office approaches every issue, every case, every strategy, every evidentiary matter, and every decision as a chance to rethink and expand the rights of workers.  Everything we touch is rethought to ensure that worker rights are forcefully and successfully asserted so as to combat corporate wrong doing. If you are a person harmed by corporate malfeasance and wish to change corporate behavior on behalf of the common good – this is your office.

The Law Offices of Mallison & Martinez employs a research model approach to class action litigation.  In particular, we believe that the best way to litigate a case is to understand the facts and issues better than the corporate wrongdoer, their counsel, and their paid experts.  We do this by employing cutting edge technologies, investing massive amounts of time and energy into our legal and factual investigations, and factual expertise in the areas in which we litigate. In sum, we identify the core issues early, develop a plan to resolve these issues, and follow through until we prevail.